Playmakers Lab

Graphic Design & Brand Management • Playmakers Laboratory

From 2018-2021, I worked as the on-retainer graphic designer for Playmakers Lab (formerly Barrel of Monkeys), an incredible non-profit organization that teaches creative writing in Chicago Public Schools and interprets and presents kid-written stories in weekly public performances.

When I joined the team, there was an aging style guide and a small handful of existing design assets. Right away, I realized the organization would benefit from much more than just brand maintenance, so I started with a complete redesign for their flagship public program, That’s Weird, Grandma, and ended up creating a full suite of promotional assets their team could use for print, web, and social.

As I brought all of PML’s design up to date over the following four years, keeping their look and feel consistent was my main priority. Always referring back to the brand’s fun, accessible tone, and bright, punchy color scheme helped me create a recognizable public face for a great organization doing wonderful work.

That’s Weird, Grandma print poster
That’s Weird, Grandma digital assets at multiple dimensions for social media
Digital assets sized for social to promote virtual kids programming
Example of monthly themed digital assets sized for social media
Print postcard and branded digital assets for 20th Anniversary event